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Additional Services

In addition to specific evaluation for learning disabilities, I also test for the presence of Attention-Deficit Disorders. In addition to the standard questionnaires relevant to this area, I also utilize the Test of Variables of Attention or other instruments. These are computer-generated tests designed to detect this important problem area through subject response to various computer presentations.

Social and personality problems (including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety and traumatic stress, delinquency, and personality issues) are also a part of the evaluation process. A six- to ten-page report is generated discussing these areas.

For the aviation community, Dr. Komm holds commercial/single and multi-engine/instrument/glider ratings and has been an active pilot since 1946. He is well equipped to respond to questions relating to those factors that involve pilots & aircrew, including formulating evaluations regarding return to flight operations (after denial of certification for psychological or behavioral factors).

For the general public, desensitizing any anxiety or fears relative to flying as a passenger in scheduled or charter airline operations is also offered along with the medical or clinical evaluations previously mentioned in this website.

Licensed Pilot

I have offices in Phoneix and frequently travel throughout the state. As a Commercial and Instrument-rated pilot, I often fly to other locations in Arizona and California in order to evaluate, consult and formulate (but most of all facilitate) solutions to learning/behavior or family problems in children or adolescents.